So when I lived in Portland I hung around pretty crafty people. I was always wanting to be crafty like them but didn’t actually want to be. Like I thought it was really cool and wished I could be but never tried my hand at it.

Well the people I hang out with here in Texas are super crafty. Like they make dresses for grandchildren, they make headbands (with handmade flowers) for their babies, they sand down bookshelves and repaint them, and all sorts of do it yourself projects for their homes. It all comes out super cute. 

Then I found pinterest, now I’m not a member or pin anything myself. But I do like to go to and look at all the cool ideas on the front page, and then click on a tab and look at all those cool ideas. And I must say I have spent quite a lot of time looking on there since I found it on Saturday.

So as you know Lydia and I moved to a new place a week and a half ago. I have my own room and an awesome picture to hang on the wall coupled with the few other things to hang up. So this leaves me with a lot of extra wall space and a want to decorate and compliment the awesome painting. But I also don’t want to spend a ton of money to decorate. And decorations can get expensive.

Sooooo…. what do all of these things add up to you ask?? I am going to create my decorations myself :).

One of the first things I want to do is paint a window curtain. I realized the other day I’m not going to find what I’m looking for in a store. So instead I’m going to buy a plain cheap curtain and paint it to be what I want it to be. Also I am on the look out for one of the old wooden ladders because I want to turn it into a shelf. I have saved a bunch of pictures from pinterest for ideas on what I want to do. Who knows maybe I’ll find some cool things to do in our living room too 🙂

So in the coming months look for pictures in my blog of all the things I try to create 🙂



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