Move, 5k, and Goodwill

So we are all moved into our new place. We got everything moved on Tuesday from 1:30ish-10:00ish. It was very tiring for sure. But exciting nonetheless. It feels more homey than our last place did. Now it is the process of putting it all away. And I have to say Lydia has been doing a better job of it than me. But I hope to get all my stuff put away tonight and tomorrow.

I’m excited to hang up my new picture and decorate my room. I am on the lookout for a brightly colored funky window curtain so if you see any let me know where so I can check it out! I also brought my new comforter home from Lynne’s house and used it last night at my new place! I love it! I will probably be visiting Ikea fairly often in the coming months to continue getting stuff to decorate or at least get ideas.

I’m getting more and more excited about the 5k race as it gets nearer. I know I know I’m crazy. But I love running and the fact that my knee is totally coroporating is amazing! The last time I ran though was on Monday so we’ll see how far I get tonight. I mean I did climb the two flights of stairs to our 3rd floor apartment lots of times on Tuesday so it’s not like I haven’t exercised, but still. 🙂

I have my second allergy doctor appointment next Wednesday and after that I should know whether or not I’m allergic to dairy. So that will be nice to know.

Lydia and I went shopping last Sunday after church. I think we are some of the only people who acquire more items right before moving instead of getting rid of things. But it was fun. We went to three different Goodwill’s and Half Priced Books. I got 2 pairs of pants for work that are super cute and 2 shirts that are work appropriate as well. I also got 4 books from one of the Goodwill’s and 3 books from Half Priced Books. (I was down to 2 books on my shelf in line to read so I needed some more since I read a book usually in a day or 2).

Life should be slowing down now. I say should be because well I don’t actually know if it is going to or not. But it seems like all of the big stuff I knew would be happening and had been preparing for is done. So I think it is slowing down. But you never know when stuff is going to pop up. I’m hoping nothing big does anytime soon. I would like a little break from being busy.

I think that’s about it for now. I can’t think of anything else thats new right now. So that’s all until next time 🙂


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