Count downs

So I’ve wanted to post a blog the last couple days but haven’t really known what to blog about. Nothing in my life is really new or exciting.

Lydia and I found a new place to live. So we will be moving on September 6th. It’s a nice place, and has two bedrooms. I’m excited to move, and glad we will be out of roach infested quarters. And it’s not far from where we are now.

As most of you probably know from facebook I signed up to run in a non-competetive 5k (3.1 mile) race, which I am super excited about. I have always wanted to participate in runs like this. But just never have. And I figure 5k is a good one to start with since it isn’t that long. I’m doing the non-competetive one because it’s my first run, it’s only 6 weeks away, and I just want to do it for fun and not worry about getting in people’s way who are serious :).

Found out I will be going to Mexico for a week in January for vacation! I am excited about that. Going to lay in the sun, eat some amazingly good food, spend time my my dad and maybe one of my brothers, and whatever else we feel like doing. It is going to be amazing!

I am going shooting for the second time in my life tomorrow. Last time I shot a .22. I think I’m going to shoot a bigger gun this time, but we’ll see. I am pretty sure I’ll be getting my concealed weapons license at some point. I am making Lydia run in the 5k with me so she is making me go to the concealed weapons classes with her (I thought it was a pretty good trade). But whether or not I buy my own gun after that is still up in the air. Still not sure if I actually want to own one. I am pretty sure after tomorrow I will want to own one, because that is what happened last time I went shooting. But it faded after a couple weeks. So we’ll see.

That’s about it for my life recently. But since I am the queen of countdowns here they are:
1 day till shooting at the range
4 days till my first ever Jury Duty
11 days till we move
29 days till my birthday
36 days till the 5k
78 days till California
121 days till Christmas 
141 days till Mexico



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