1 year

So as my 1 year anniversary of living in Texas approaches I thought it would be a good idea to blog about how Texan I have become. I’ve thought about it for awhile but deciding to do it came last night.

There are certain words that are said over here in Texas all the time, I would venture to guess some of them are said in the south as a whole as well. Things like ya’ll, yes ma’am yes sir, and fix’n to.

Since moving here and hearing fix’n to I have refused to say it. I think it is just too southern for me or something but I just don’t like it. Maybe it’s too hick I don’t know. But I have refused and told people when we talk about it that I will never say it. All the while in my head knowing that I am a sponge and totally pick up words and phrases that other people say, it just happens when I am around them a lot. So I have been super careful about picking this one up. I always make a comment in my head or outloud when I hear someone say it just to remind myself to not pick it up.

So then comes last night. I was staying the night at someone from my churchs house and I was washing out my cup and we were talking about being tired and sleeping. And I said why don’t you go to bed? And she said I’m going to, and then these words form in my head “You’re fix’n to?” I stopped myself from saying it outloud and then made a joke about how she is fix’n to.

So it is creeping in slowly but surely. I said ya’ll before moving here but like I’ve said before it comes out way more than it ever used to. I’m getting better with my yes ma’am and yes sir’s but have to say “ya dude” still slips out every once in awhile. Like the other day when I was giving blood the gentlemen working asked me a question and I said “ya dude” and he is like “dude? don’t call me dude my name’s Eric” and I was like sorry sorry, and some other people from the church were like forgive her she is from California but we do hold it against her (he said this jokingly of course) and the guy working laughed and was fine after that (not that he was ever really mad just like woah don’t do that).

Other than picking up words and phrases I’ve learned to drink sweet tea like a champ, I love BBQ and steaks (which is new because I never really liked most red meats before), and I learned to not go skimpy on the seasonings, sauces, or drink flavorings (which are all things I used to do).

But in the culture aspects and looking like I belong I still have a ways to go lol. I still find myself in conversations laughing to myself and some of the differences of here and cali or oregon. And still being entertained by some of the things people do. But I do it less now than when I first moved here. I’m starting to get used to the idea that I actually live here. Because in Portland I never really thought I lived there, I was just going to school there.

I have not started complaining about how hot it is, for a couple of reasons. The main one being I am actually enjoying the heat. But also because duh it’s hot, it’s Texas. And I also haven’t picked up the sense of entitlement that seems to be prevalent over here. I don’t hang out with people who have and when I see it I really don’t understand it. So I’m hoping I never pick that up and if I do someone please punch me and tell me to knock it off!

All in all I still love Texas. I love the hospitality, the feeling like family, the good eating and hanging out. I’m enjoying the heat, I love that the sun is out all the time, and I’ve even enjoyed the thunder and lightning storms. Saw my first lightning bolts hit the ground the other day it was awesome. And I’ve survived my first “tropical storm” even if it was weak and barely rained. 🙂 It’s been a good year.


One thought on “1 year

  1. How come I didn’t know you had a blog?? This is AWESOME! I’m reading all of these. I love the way you type just how you talk. I can actually hear you telling me the story when I read it! I’m loving that you’re loving Texas, but I’m glad that you’re fix’n to come home soon to visit! 😉 Haha, love ya!

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