I seriously can’t believe it is already August. It being August means that in 34 Days I will have lived in Texas for a year! It also means that I have almost finished my first summer here and still love it! And in 114 days from today I will be heading to Cali for the first time in a year and 4 months. That is all crazy talk, for reals.

I have been really busy since being back from camp. But I haven’t been doing much more than I was before camp, so I didn’t understand why I was so busy. But after putting some thought into it I realized why I felt so busy. First, work has been pretty busy so since I got back so I’ve been doing a lot of stuff, I don’t mind it being busy it was just my first experience of being super busy at work. Second, I have been apartment searching both Saturday’s since getting back, which I normally don’t do much of anything on Saturday’s except maybe read and watch movies. But with apartment searching I’m up pretty early and gone all day going from place to place. So it leaves me with only Sunday afternoons to do nothing. And when you are used to two days of doing nothing taking one of those away makes it seem like you are busier. Again I don’t mind this it is just new as well.

I am house/dog sitting this weekend. I am super excited about it. I love all 4 dogs (2 from each family) a ton! And I’ll get to be in a bug free house :). But that also means more traveling for my fish! I should enter him in the guiness book of world records for the most miles traveled by a beta in a bowl. 🙂

I finished reading one of my books that I bought the other day. I don’t know if I liked it or not. It was one of those books where I didn’t know I if I was going to finish it. Even when I was 3 chapters from being done I still didn’t know if I wanted to finish it. It’s not that it was boring persay because it held my attention, I mean I kept picking it up and reading it, but it just was odd. The movie comes out sometime this month so we’ll see if that is any better than the book. And since I finished it I started reading Wicked! I’m so excited about it because I’ve been wanting to read it since I saw the musical!

I started playing my cajon (its a box drum) for Sunday services this week. I got the cajon for my birthday last year and have not really played it until last wednesday when we practiced for Sunday. So it’s definitely interesting and I am by no means that great yet but it doesn’t matter, because what little I can do is enough for them right now! So I will be practicing that more now and am excited to learn how to play it better. 

Other than that not much is new. Except that my roommate gets back soon! Which I am so excited about! I miss her! So I guess that’s all for now 🙂


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