Post -Camp

Well hello there again!

Camp was awesome! The weather was perfect for all the outdoor activities. It was beautiful up in the mountain’s of New Mexico. I had forgotten how much I love the Mountains. It is pretty flat here in the part of Texas I live in. All the kids had a blast. And they all learned some pretty good stuff. I really like the set-up of this camp. We have church group devotions at the end of the night so we can debrief with the youth and see what the Lord has been putting on their hearts and help them to connect all the different pieces to the theme. Since we have a smaller group all of the youth are able to share their thoughts and voice their questions. So it was really good.

All of the youth grew spiritually. I’m hoping that sticks now that we are down off the mountain. I got to know the girls more and am excited about that, they are starting to trust me more and so I feel like I can really start pouring into their lives and I’m super excited about that. I am going to start mentoring one of them because of this trip. She is super excited to start hanging out and I am super excited about it too. Her life has a lot in common with my life when I was her age and I had been realizing that more and more before camp and then at camp when the youth pastor and I sat down with her to talk about life I saw just how similar they are. So I am super excited to be able to step in and minister to her in those places. The Lord is working in our youth’s lives and I’m stoked about it!

The band was really good, they taught us quite a few songs and they were really good songs. They had really strong lyrics. The speaker was really good too. The theme over all was connect, and the individual days were: relating to the Lost, relating to Authority, relating to family and friends, and relating to fellow believers. The drive was long but we all survived.

I also gained a new friend on the trip. One of the other adults who went is the young single ladies sunday school teacher, I have been wanting to get to know her since I decided to stay at my church. But I am with the youth during Sunday school so I don’t go to her class. But we got to know each other pretty well on this trip and she is an amazing women of God for sure! And she is hilarious… We got into some shinnagins together. We made a couple detours and made the guys wait on us quite a bit. We would get to where we were supposed to be early and then because we were early we would go somewhere to do something and it always happened to take longer than we expected it… woops… But it was fun anyways.

I also got my first Texas slurpee which many of you know from facebook. I had told the youth pastor that if we saw a 7-11 on the trip we had to stop because I needed a slurpee. I saw a bunch on the way down but we had only been driving about 3 hours and I didn’t want to make them stop plus it was the middle of the night and not the best time for a slurpee in my opinion. So on the way home I was super excited to get one. And then the guys who were driving drove past 3 of them just playing around with me. And then we passed two without realizing they were 7-11’s because the sign said it was a Shell station, but they had a 7-11 market, weird… Then we used a phone to find the next closest one. We saw the sign in the distance and missed our turnoff because of it, woops… But they had banana, my favorite! And we found our way back :).

The Lord also worked on my heart while we were up at camp. He brought truth into a lot of lies I had been believing. It was definitely truth I needed to hear, but that didn’t make it any easier to hear. But He also reminded me of the victory we have in Him, and that if He is right there walking beside us through it all and He will bring us through it. That is something I need to remember quite often because I tend to let fear stop me from taking the steps to walk through things.

So that is camp in a nutshell. 🙂 We all had a blast, and the Lord worked in all of our lives!


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