Terrible Blogger

So I am horrible at blogging. Like really terrible. I have probably a dozen drafts from the last couple months that I never finished. I would have an idea on what I wanted to blog about and then I would start. But somewhere along the way I wouldn’t know how to word something the right way so I would save it as a draft to come back later and finish when I figured out how to word what I wanted to say… Only I never come back to them. So here I am now starting yet another blog post. But this time I am determined to post it.

Most of you know I got a new job and finally said goodbye to Jack in the Box. I am in my technically 4th week but really only the third week of working here. I had last week off so it doesn’t really count. I like the job so far. It is definitely a weird switch from taking orders and cooking food to sitting at a desk all day. But it has been nice not to be super sweaty and smell like greece when I get done working. I also have a set schedule Monday thru Friday which is also super nice. Needless to say I’m settling in just fine 🙂

I went to the first of two summer camps with my youth group last week. This camp was not a normal summer camp. It is more of a leadership camp so only certain kids from the youth groups go. We had three students go, which is awesome for our small group. So within the camp they break the students up by what grade they are going into and usually are separated like that (red- going into 8th, blue- going into 9th, orange- going into 10th, yellow- going into 11th, green- going into 12th, khaki- going into college). But because this was a new session the camp added it was smaller so they combined red and blue, orange and yellow, and green and khaki. Within these “schools” they break the kids up into small groups called family groups. So I was paired with another youth leader for leading a family group. After each session we get into our family groups and have a time of discussion about what the students are learning or have questions on or to share lives together. I had a great group of students in my family group. It was a great week and the Lord moved in some mighty ways.

Other than that not much is really new in my life. I miss everyone in california terribly. It will be a year at the end of July since I’ve been home. It is the summer of weddings in Portland and I’m not going to any of them :(. I want a dog really badly. I’ve read three books in three days. I’m addicted to the blue powerade because of camp. And I’m thinking about taking a day trip to the beach soon! That’s all I can think of that is new. Hopefully I’ll get better about this blogging thing… hehe probably not but I can wish right?


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