Predestination, Hebrews, and Romans Ch.1

So today while talking with Katie, we started talking about Jesus and His cross. I am pretty sure every phone conversation we have had since I moved to Texas we have ended up talking about the cross. Which is not a bad thing. I love it. Because we both share what we’ve been learning about the cross and how amazing it is.

Today started with Katie talking about a class where she is learning about racism. They had watched this video that had people sharing about their pain from it, and it was just yes but conversations. They weren’t actually listening to each other. She had spoke up in the discussion in her class and talked about how they weren’t listening to each other and a lot the issues could have been solved by validating the others pain and saying owning up to the fact that they had hurt that person. We started talking about validating someone’s pain, or the hurt that you caused them. And she was saying how validating people’s emotions, pain, hurt, even hurt that you caused is essentially being human. It is how we connect with one another and how we relate to each other and it’s what you do in relationships we go through suffering together. And we related this then to the cross. And from the beginning we were created to be in relationship with the Lord, and to be walking with Him. But we chose that that wasn’t enough for us and brought sin and pain and suffering into the world. But from the beginning it was always in the Lord’s plan to send Jesus to the earth to die on the cross. So Jesus stepped into the worst pain and suffering ever and he experienced all of it and validated all of it, and then died on the cross so that we could be restored to the Lord. So all of our pain and suffering serves a purpose, we share in Jesus’ pain and suffering and we can grow closer to Him through it all. We aren’t alone in our suffering we have a God who has been through it and can validate it. The thing is we were the ones that caused the pain and suffering. We chose to eat the fruit and sin against Him. He didn’t have to come to earth and die on a cross to bring us back to Him. But He loves us so much and wants to be in relationship with us so much that He came down into the pain and suffering and filth of the world to bring us back to Him.

So we were both amazed again at the gospel and how good Jesus is. And we started talking about predestination. Katie’s small group had talked about it a couple weeks ago because they are going through Ephesians. One of the main points that we both have been taught about predestination is that it says that God chose some to be saved and condemned some to go to Hell. But we both can’t see how that make sense with who God is. But we can see how God can predestine humanity as a whole to be saved but that each individual has to choose to believe. and if they don’t then they are condemned to Hell. In Her small group there was a point made about how that takes away the authority from God and it gives us pride because we choose whether or not we are saved. But that isn’t it at all. When we choose to believe, we give the authority back to God. We come to Him and say I accept I have sinned against You I am nothing but trash compared to you I need you to save me I need your grace to wash over me and my sin because I can’t do it myself. When we choose God it is a humbling of ourselves and exalting Him. When we choose to believe we get to share in Christ’s inheritance which Ephesians explains a lot about. The Lord predestined humanity to share in Christ’s inheritance but we have to choose it. And then it’s back to the cross which makes it all possible.

How amazing is the cross. There were many other points made about the cross and how good it is. But after we got off the phone I resumed my study in Romans 1. I was going through and marking repeated words and writing down what I learned about those words from the text. One of them is the Gospel. It was just relating all into what Katie and I had just talked about. My roommate Lydia came in and so I started to share with her the conversation about predestination and our choice and how good the Lord is. And how amazing the cross is. Then I was reminded of Hebrews where it talks about how it was fitting for the Lord to send Christ to suffer for us to perfect our salvation. It is in His character to send His son to suffer for us. How amazing is that. I don’t really understand how people can not see how good He is and not want to choose Him. Lydia started saying how man likes to suppress the truth and deny it and go on living in their pleasure. And again I was brought back to Romans 1 where it talks about men suppressing the truth because they wanted to exchange the incorruptible image of God for a corruptible image that is man made, and exchange the truth for a lie and worship the creature instead of the creator. How they would rather stay in their own sin and the pleasure they supposedly get.

I love when the Lord relations conversations together and has them build on each other and then they tie into the scripture you are studying. It is so good. He is so good. Just thought I would share with ya’ll the amazing conversations about the Lord I had today!


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