Well I think it’s about time to write another blog don’t yall? The term yall comes out a whole lot more than it used to and I totally say it Texan style now. It still freaks me out every time. I am starting to get a southern drawl but only at work and only with certain words. Other than that I still talk like a Californian. But I came up with a new word to describe what I am. Ready for it?? I am a Texacalgon (Texan, Californian, and Oregonian).

So since it’s been a month and I’ve done a lot in that month I’ll just give you some highlights.

On October 9th Lydia and I went to Galveston. I’ve only ever been in the Pacific Ocean so I was excited. We walked along the beach, ate some good food, and then laid out in the sun, drank a Mike’s Hard Pomegranate Lemonade, and floated in the water. It was a very nice day indeed.

I found a church that I want to attend and serve in. I love the people there and they have welcomed me in and have started investing in my life. I am helping in the Youth Group, and love it already. It’s a fun group.

My amazing, and wonderful boyfriend Josh came to visit for a week. No big deal. haha just kidding. It was an amazing week, and that doesn’t even do justice to how good it was. Time slowed down for us for sure. We went to the aquarium, a museum, the zoo, we hung around the house, ate dinner with the family I live with twice, watched a couple of movies, had really good conversations, went to Galveston and stayed for the sunset which was gorgeous, went for a couple walks with Lydia, and just enjoyed being together. I did not want him to leave and almost rebelled when I had to take him to the airport.

Other than that not much else has happened. I am looking for a new job. I am applying to one so far and am going to look for others. I am done with Jack. Five years is too long, and I want to be working with youth and kids full-time. I bought my plane tickets to P-town yesterday. So I will be there in 25 Days! I know that is still pretty far away but I already can’t contain my excitement!


Sunset in Galveston

Sunset in Galveston



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