It has been awhile since I posted anything so I figured I should update yall. (Just a quick fyi I already used the term yall before I ever thought of moving to Texas). Hopefully sometime next week I’ll continue my thoughts on Hebrews. But for right now I’ll just give you an update on what I’ve been up to lately.

So last Friday was my birthday, and it was surprisingly very good. I didn’t think the family I live with would do anything other than wish me a happy birthday and maybe have a card for me, and I didn’t even expect anything other than wishing me a happy birthday. But I woke up to a poster taped to my door, and writing all of the bathroom mirror wishing me a happy birthday and a great day and all of that. I went down stairs and there was a happy birthday banner hung up. Then I opened the fridge and they had made me the cake that my mom always makes me for my birthday. Then they heard I was up so they came over and sang happy birthday. Then later that day they surprised me with a Beta Fish, which I had been wanting since I moved over here. So it was already a great day with all of that. Plus my family called and I had lots of facebook messages and had a few other birthday phone calls from my best friend Normy, and Katie called me as well. Then that night Lydia and I went out to Buffalo Wild Wings, probably my favorite restaurant to go out to, and ate dinner! All in all it was a great day!

I was also surprised with something at work. I had gone in to cover the assistant managers shift because she wanted to leave early to go see her brother who was dying. When I got to work however the manager was like what are you doing here I gave you the day off. I explained why I was there and then he proceeded to explain to me that the assistant had gotten fired the day before and he didn’t know she had gotten me to cover her shift or he would have called me. Then he proceeded to give me her keys to the stuff in the store. And basically said I am the assistant now and my training is on high speed.

Then Saturday, Lydia and I went to downtown Houston to the Museum District. 15 of the museums down there were doing a free entrance day. So we went to the Museum of Natural Science and to the Holocaust Museum and then walked around the park that is right there. It was a lot of fun and saw a bunch of cool stuff. And it was my first time going into downtown Houston. So now I am very excited to go down there again and explore some more.

That is all that is really new with me. I miss Portland and everyone there a whole lot! I can’t believe it is October already. My boyfriend Josh is amazing still! And hopefully sometime next week I’ll register my car over here and get Texas license plates and get my Texas drivers license!


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