The drive over and first week!

So last Thursday, the 2nd, I left Portland to travel to Texas. The drive took me 3 and a half days. The first day I made it almost to the end of Idaho. The second day I made it into Colorado. The third day I called it quits early because my cell phone was dying and I was in Texas so I called it good. Then Sunday I made it to the house I was moving into. The drive was good. I did not really get tired of driving until the last day. The sites were mainly the same the entire way. I saw a lot of brown hills and plains. But I had some great time with the Lord along the way. I also filled my time with good tunes, and texting (not safe I know), and sending pictures to facebook :). I am greatful for the drive over. I don’t know if I would ever want to drive it again by myself but it was good for a one time thing 🙂

When I arrived it was a bit different than I expected. The family just wanted to hang out and talk, get to know me a bit more allow me to get to know them and the law student Lydia (who is also living here), instead of having me unpack right away. So I stayed the night in a room that was not mine with none of my stuff unpacked. The night was a little crazy anyway because they were babysitting their friends kids for a bit as well so it was really loud and a bit overwhelming. But the next day was much better. The next day was better. Carla (the wife), Lydia, and I moved the kids stuff to the downstairs bedroom and them my stuff into the room I was going to be living in. So I was able to get settled and unpack a bit. I got to return the uhaul :). It was weird to drive without that attatched to my car after 2300 miles with it!

This week has been filled with a lot of relaxing, getting my job situated, hanging out with the family, talking with Lydia every night, exploring a bit, and lots of time with the Lord. All of which have led me to the conclusion that I love Texas! And am very excited to be here! Some of my favorite things about Texas so far are:
1. There was a flag in almost every city/town I went to at the beginning and a lot of times at the end as well
2. Drive-thru liquer stores
3. Being able to people watch and be entertained (I know this sounds terrible but I love it)
4. The sun, and heat (granted it was thunder storms the first few days, but it was still warm and now its hot)


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